"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Luther King



In this profession, we have the opportunity to help change lives for the better or we can simply continue to be a part of the problem. We strive to be a part of the solution. Every life is valuable and you cannot properly represent a client unless you see a person and not a case number. The role of mitigation in criminal defense is to tell the client's story and to advocate for one's life. A Mitigation Specialist provides insight into criminal culpability by helping the judge and jury understand an individuals mental health, adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma, as well as various other adverse community factors which impact an individual's childhood. In mitigation we present the humanity that is found in every human being.


Our Experience:

Over 20 years experience in Criminal Defense and Juvenile Dependency/Justice systems. Our vast amount of knowledge in the Criminal Justice System and the Juvenile Dependency System is invaluable on a case. On each and every single case, we bring an immense level of compassion and humanity when visiting with clients and their families. As part of the legal team, our expertise and unmatched work ethic means always going above and beyond to achieve the best results for the client. When you are choosing a Mitigation Specialist to add to your team, choose someone who will bring your client hope and who sees the person not the crime. When it comes to Mitigation we are looking at generations of trauma and it's important to help clients heal and understand their past in order to help rebuild their future.To have someone share their story with you is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another person. Make sure your client has people on their team worthy of telling their story in court.              


Services Offered:

We accept both State & Federal Cases: Capital Cases, Heard & Juvenile Trasnfers, Franklin & Miller Cases,  Post-Conviction Resentencing ,Felony Murder Rule/Enhancement Cases, Homicides & Serious Felonies, and provide the following services and more: Social History & Sentencing Reports, Conduct Interviews, Academic Journal & Court & Legal Research,  Locate Documents & Evidence, Social Work Investigation Reports,Prison & Jail Visits, PowerPoint Presentations & Training on Mitigation & Forensic Social Work, Large Volume Discovery Organization, Resources & Parole Prep Assistance, Claims of Actual Innocence Review

                        Think "outside the box" approach on every case because every life matters!