"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Luther King

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What people are saying about us:

Ms. Swenson is one of truest people I've known.  Children see this.  Her gentle, soft-spoken demeanor soothes.  And yet, she is unquestionably one of the strongest colleagues I have worked alongside.  She gets the job done, without ego or fail. When you hand her a case, your mind will put at greater ease.  She is ethical, knowledgeable, resourceful, an intellectual, and, above all, reliable.  And yet, despite the emotional texture of juvenile dependency work, she is one of the least jaded people I know.  Humor, cheerfulness, and optimism are the building blocks for cultivating hope, and she lives her life planting the next generation's harvest. The world would be a brighter place, if there were more of her.

Ms. Swenson's qualifications, both academic studies and field trainings, are myriad; and yet, because she is such a thoughtful employee, she remains malleable, takes direction, following office protocol without exception.  Even given no additional training, she would find her way and light her own path. During my three years in Contra Costa with her, she never failed to impress me by bringing out new skill sets.  She created databases, websites, and seemed to know how to do just about everything, yet was always so humble about her vast abilities

H.H .J.D.

Social Worker/Investigator/Teacher


I am an attorney who has been practicing Juvenile Dependency in Contra Costa County for over twenty years. I represent children, parents, defacto parents and have also been appointed as Guardian ad litem. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Swenson for at least the last six years.  I have used her services as a social worker/investigator on behalf of my child clients who are placed in the Santa Clara County and surrounding area.

Many of my teenage clients are placed in group homes or other living situations due to mental health challenges.  Ms. Swenson has always prepared thorough and timely professional reports regarding the welfare of my clients. She is often able to offer additional resources to my clients based upon her independent knowledge of the area. She is very conscientious about her work. I have every confidence in her abilities and would highly recommend her services to you.    

RWR Attorney


I am an attorney practicing in the field of juvenile dependency. I have represented both parents and children for over 20 years. Since 2005, I have worked with Ronda Swenson in her capacity as an investigator interviewing my child clients. She has made home visits and written reports for me in several cases. These cases have involved physical and emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and abandonment

.I have also seen Ronda's work in many other cases in which I represented the parent, and the child's attorney has hired Ronda.

Ronda embodies all the qualities necessary to be an outstanding child advocate. She is intelligent, compassionate, and hardworking. Ronda does an excellent job of spotting the important issues,interviewing the child, assessing the child's needs, and communicating with the foster parents or placement staff. I have seen her form close relationships with child clients and support them when they appear in court, I have always seen her interact in a positive and respectful manner with parents, who often have substance abuse issues, mental health issues, developmental delays, or other challenges, 

Ronda's reports are thorough and well organized. She always makes invaluable recommendations for further work to be done on the case to make sure the child's voice is being heard and that the child is receiving all necessary services. I recommend her highly. 

M.W.C Attorney



Ronda is the definition of a team player. Any time she saw that something needed attention, she took on a project. In addition to her regular case screening duties, she worked outside her job responsibilities helping our project catch up on our back log of case files. Ronda did all of this with a positive attitude, and she never saw a task as beneath her. Ronda's attitude in all she does is to serve others and make a difference. Ronda was also known in the office for her generous hospitality by constantly brought in treats for everyone to enjoy. Ronda approaches everything she does with professionalism and dedication.

     S.B. J.D,